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A documentary series

A plea and a European travel

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L'UE parlons-en is an audiovisual documentary project that aims to be a plea in the defense of European values.


The European Union is a past, a present and a future. The European Union are failures, of course, but also successes. Understanding it is not an easy task, but it has become more and more necessary to understand it. In a constantly changing Europe, it is difficult to understand its dynamics and dynamics. What if the key to this understanding was in education and culture?

Also, during our numerous meetings held within the framework of this project, a number of secondary school teachers told us about the difficulty they have in teaching European history, due to a lack of means adapted to their audience, namely students. The idea for our project sprouted from this observation. It is now urgent to put citizens and young generations back at the heart of the European project.


This project is also yours and you will find the opportunity to express yourself on the European idea, in its past, its present but also and above all in its future. You are the actors!

"Europe is the hope of progress" as Simone VEIL had expressed it!


L'UE parlons-en "," Die EU Lasst uns darüber reden "," The EU Let's talk about it "is an audiovisual project of European scope with multiple symbols since it calls for the support and participation of dozens of Our ambition is to define as accurately as possible the current concerns which are shaking up the European Union.


This project today unites historians, political scientists, teachers, students, industrialists and institutions on a European scale and thanks to the support of each one, we have managed to develop a documentary series of ten episodes around eight central themes of construction and of European news.

Hereby and through our common investment, we want to tell you about this century which has seen our Europe, its economic, political, institutional and cultural system evolve!

Pile de livres
Un voyage européen
City of Graz (Austria) - European Capital of Culture (2003)


"How about we start with culture?" Identity and cultural crises are the most threatening dimensions of the European crisis. How to give back to European citizens a taste for Europe? By culture!

Awakening European cultural awareness is the major stake of this audiovisual project. Prepare your suitcases, we are leaving for a tour of cultural Europe. More than a journey beyond borders, it is a journey through time, through architecture, through cinema, through music!

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